5th day of Lions youth summer camp 2015

Slika korisnika LionsHR Administrator
LionsHR Adminis... 22 srpnja, 2015 - 08:27

Monday the 13th of July.

The day started very slow and harmonic. For those who were not going to the city. We became two groups today when we got asked if we wanted to go to the city. Those who were going to the city got up a little bit earlier and we who were not we slept for a bit longer.

After breakfast, those who were staying at the hostel went to the beach.  They swam and were sunbathing, talking and having really cosy. And those who went to the city were going with the bus to the centrum. For souvenir shopping for family or friends. Or just gifts for yourself because for a lot of people it’s a lot cheaper here. After a couple of hours we became hungry and went to the McDonald’s were we stayed a little too long. We needed still to go to the bank and supermarket, and somebody needed to buy a football and after that also a shirt and through everything we almost missed the bus back to the camp. We just made it on time and were reunited with the rest of the group by lunch.

After lunch we had free time and then we sat at the WiFi spot and looked at our phones, talked with families and friends. When free time was over we all went to the beach to have beach games. That ended with very happy people in the sea who first played volleyball and then Marco Polo. Some of us got a little sunburned after a day at the beach and are not really looking forward the night’s sleep. But we are all looking forward tomorrows’ boat “cruise” at the sea and we know we’ll have a great time because we all get along so well.

After dinner we all sat at the WiFi spot again. Some of us worked on the presentations that they later showed on “International night”.

We were at the drama class and that kind a stuff after drama lesson we went to the beach for our presentations. Some of us presented the countries with a slide show. After the presentations everyone went to the WiFi spot because they need it. Everyone was very social with their phones and tablets. And an hour later Tuna and Konstantin went to the beach sat there and talked they  watched stars and even they tried to count them yes they are idiots they know that but they thought that was funny…