3rd day of Lions youth summer camp 2015

Slika korisnika LionsHR Administrator
LionsHR Adminis... 22 srpnja, 2015 - 08:28

Day 11-07-15

Saturday  11th was an interesting day for those who were in host families far from Pula. Nonetheless it permited to the others to discover more the city and particularly its historical and cultural part. We visited museums and tried to survive in the heat.

Then,we had a treasure hunt in the city of Pula. We were split in 4 groups and after few hours of searching, the 1st group won.  We sat one hour on a coffee and then we went to a park to take a long rest... And to finish the afternoon, some people did shopping and the others just waited for them.

We took the bus and we returned to the hotel. We had dinner and then we had our international night. Some people presented their countries by powerpoint,sweets,candies,music, dance and so on... We also ate Anna s birthday cake.